Tuxie Cat Grape Pussmina

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The little bits of scraps twirled together shouldn’t be able hold up. She’s held together entirely by tension. She was so tense shoulders were at her eyes. I snipped a thread threads here and there, massages her limbs, told her she is safe here. Now she has to learn how to rest.

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She sits at 4-1/2” tall, from ear to right toe 6”, widest part of the head 1-3/4”.



She enjoys her own company. Her left leg is fixed in position because she believes it’s the best yoga position to relive her tension. Because she is entirely fabric held together by thread tension, she can be nudged so very slightly. But remember her muscles are still tight.




Grape is made of 100% upcycled old clothes, hand stitched together by new threads. While she is made from scraps, further scraps produced in the process contributes to life in a different beakie. They produce zero waste.


She isn’t a toy, and doesn’t like being treated as one. She may be strong, however with enough force a child can defining rips off her arms and may even swallow them.

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