Array of textile objects free shipping

10 $35 $

A promiscuous array of textile creatures unfinished, completed, and taken apart.

Support the artist you love, shop indie, get inspired! What more, shipping is free.

My creative friends are stoked by the energy these raw work-in-progress bring. I hope you are too.

Add a cord, make a charm, or festive ornament. Give them Christmas hats. Add a body to incomplete pieces, change your old doll’s face.


Product Description

Unfinished textile objects will be indicated, otherwise all seams are closed.

hand embroidered, machine embroidered, painted, poly-felt, reclaimed jersey, muslin. This menagerie may be diverse, but all 100% reclaimed and 100% vegan.

processing & shipping

Free shipping yay! Shipped via normal airmail untracked from my Singapore home studio in 4 work days. For shipping times please see here


Text me here or DM me on, I’ll be happy to work things out with or for you.

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