Simple garden snail PDF pattern


I love simple projects like this for a quick win on a bad day.

There is a meditative quality to engaging the brain and hands in hand-sewing.

This is quick, and easy, use very little materials.

Before your attention drops off, you’ll have a snail! Or ten, if you keep going.

This teeny tiny sewing project is first seen on my instagram #noisytuttuesday.

How to download?

As you know, I’m new at this—for now, you’ll have to add this **zero** dollar product to the cart, and check out as usual. You won’t be charged.

Please, bare with it till I peel myself away from creating to decode the mysterious tech stuff. Cheers.

Product Description

Please go to the blog post for (slightly more) detailed instructions, and the link to the original Noisy Tut Tuesday video.


This tiny snail is about 1-1/2 by 2″ not counting the eyes.


What can you do with this? For me, I made it into a brooch. No photos sorry I didn’t take a picture of my chest. Maybe I’ll find a top with a collar so I can place it on the tip.


The total height of the snail will vary widely depending on the elasticity of your chosen fabric.


I spent about 10 min from design to finish.


Of course, I can’t assume  everyone sews at the same pace. But, it should be really easy, especially if you have any sewing experience.


This is meant to be a fun quickie project, so I’d say don’t worry too much about the size consistency.


how to sew a cute simple snail by hand

As this is my first time sharing a pattern, first time adding a downloadable, there may be problems I haven’t worked out yet. If you have anything to say, please, Message me. Your feedback will be of great help.