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Anxiety mermaid handmade doll – black sad

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Not all mermaids are born equal.

I have always been afraid of water, but that didn't stop me living a life. I go the distance with my duckie mate who keeps my head above water.

Squeeze me, flop me around, I know your fears.

Remember don't be perfect, be you.

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Product Description


  • Mermaid


  • approximately 9 1/2″ from head to tail
  • she has rounded hips, will fit snuggly in your hand, good squeeze
  • she does not sit, but will stand against support


  • black satin ruched bustier with gold coated beads, printed jersey tail
  • she comes with a rubber duckie life buoy to assist swimming.
  • shipped in a sea shell shaped sleeping bag to bring her comfort in her journey to you, and later all around town with you.


  • skin from new polyester
  • tail from reclaimed cotton jersey
  • stuffing from new cretalon poly fill and reclaimed cotton
  • hair from cotton and acrylic
  • “rubber” duckie from reclaimed cotton

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You can message me here, or DM me on Instagram @noisybeak. I will be happy to work things out with you.

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