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Her uneven brows give her away, She looks unsure if the candy striped romper and cotton pink buns suit her soft heart or paints her as frivolous. What does kindness really mean these days? She is pressed for answers and she will find out in action.

Her name is Pia.

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Product Description


She is approximately 5-1/2″ head to toe, 6″ from top of the baby buns hairstyle. She is 2-3/4″ at her widest, and 4″ sitting.



She has uneven eye brows, and one eye is bigger than the other. Her super power is empathy, her heart is always opened for new stories.


Materials & Handmade process

She is made from 100% reclaimed fabric, head to toe, stitched together with new threads.


One of a kind, no one even from the noisybeak family looks the same, as every doll is hand stitched with different reclaimed materials. Her face is embroidered free hand with no guide.


Play & Care

On arrival, nudge her bum a little and she sits very well on her own without support, an important ability in people and dolls alike.


Carefully, swivel her limbs up and down, but no more than one full rotation. With a penchant for hand gestures, in addition to being a noisy one, she helps you say what you want said.


Her tee shirt is removable with velcro, please be gentle when changing, as the tiny stitches and glued on velcro are fragile. She may share clothes with all other noisybeak pocket dolls, whether a mighty girl or not.



Pia is strong inside but can be fragile if not handled with care. She is not for children who put things in the mouth, or like deconstructing mini fabric humans.


Processing & Shipping

For her journey to you, and onwards, with you, I have made her a sleeping bag, keeping her clean and secure.


For processing and shipping time and cost, please check out the FAQ page.


Ask me

If you have any questions at all, please message me using the contact form, or send me a direct message on instagram.com/noisybeak.

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