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Bearcat Ben

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Daylight exposes his patchy and bumpy body and makes him recoil to dreamland. Wait till light fades, you will catch a glimpse of his bright white accents ambling through darkness where his imperfection blends into diversity that we all belong. He is Ben.

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Product Description


Ben is 4-1/2″ Head to toe, 3-1/4″ sitting, 2″ across the ears at widest.

Material & Play

An odd shaped piece of spandex cotton was patched with navy and white. His whiskers will shed overtime. His right leg has red stitches from repair.

Like any bearcat, he sleeps a lot and does not sit well unless incentivised.

Caution & Care

Do not put him in washing machine or dryer. He can be spot cleaned with damn cloth. If you live in a very dry and sunny weather where things dry in an instant, he can be hand washed.

He is not a toy for children. his parts can be ripped apart, chewed and swallowed. He might burn too if brought close to fire.

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