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Black grumpy Boston terrier

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Who’s the bose?

The combination of embroidered faces against the ‘fur pattern’ patches is emphasized as the body and limbs are downplayed.

These are slim around the neck, with a bulbous bottom, floppy limbs that end with a simple knot.

The simplicity of the form directs attention towards the hand-cut irregular patches and free-hand embroidery. The pointy ears, too, are free-form sculpted with needle and thread.

I think of these littles as embroidery pieces that require no hoop or frame. They potter about in their sturdy but squishy bodies, adding a dose of whimsy to any corner of your life.

Read about all the pocket dolls in this update.

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Product Description


  • dog, Boston Terrier


  • about 5 1/2” head to toe, 3″ head to bum

Face & Hair

  • free-hand embroidered eyes, nose, and mouth
  • the pointy ears are sculpted with needle work
  • the white fur patches are hand cut individually, and hand stitched onto the pup intuitively for visual balance.

Materials & making

  • upcycled cotton and spandex jersey
  • high quality poly and upcycled washed cotton filling
  • the body pieces and limbs are initially stitched together with the help of a sewing machine, thereafter, the patches, facial features, and closures are all embroidered and sculpted using tiny soft hand stitches


  • the limbs swivel 360, great for gentle posing
  • the short tail is not movable, but helps with balance when sitting
  • it is made soft and sturdy with a bit of bounce, great to bring around for an anxiety attack or companionship just because.
  • each puppy comes with a doll quilt which doubles as a play mat, a pillow, and a sleeping bag to carry it in.

Doll quilt

  • the doll quilt is made improv style, using free hand cutting, made without rulers, and carefully stitched together with the help of sewing machine.


  • the shell of the doll and the doll quilt is made from 100% reclaimed fabric from old clothes. So a small amount of discolouration, and irregularity would be expected, but rest assure the imperfect parts chosen will not compromise the doll.
  • it may be wiped with soapy water, or hand washed in a gentle soapy solution, and squeezed dry with towel. Washing is NOT recommended on rainy or humid days which may prolong drying time.
  • overtime, played with often, the stitches may break or materials stretch. Vulnerable parts are mouth and arms. If signs of wear and tear shows over time, do contact me for brainstorming solutions.


  • your doll is designed ground up using my original patterns.
  • in addition to using washed up cycled fabric, the process of making of this doll produces almost zero waste.
  • this is handmade one of a kind, so no two are the same, uneven and exposed stitches are common characteristics, as are unevenness in the reclaimed fabrics.

Processing & Shipping



You can write me a message here, or DM me on Instagram @noisybeak. I will be happy to work things out with you.

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