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Bunpire Rabbat

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It must be these oversized red ears and eyes that bring the image of rabbit to mind. The nostrils and mouth are sculpted, with black thread. The shape of the features are not prominent but can be felt when you touch it. I like this creature mysterious.

The wings were a joy and a pain. As mentioned in this post about making of the wings, I wanted them to hold the shape but has the softness of the body itself.

Fabric is folded, rolled and stitched to the desired effect. Visible unruly stitches highlight the ‘bone structure’ of the little bat, yet retain flexibility.

His wings will wrap around his body comfortably for a sweet dream.

See the rest of his gag from the same release.


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Product Description

Species & Size

Fruit bat 6 1/2″ head to toe, wing span is 8 1/2″

Play & Care

Rabbat sits firmly on his bum with a little balancing. His wide wings wraps around his body nicely for a cozy sleep. Please do not pull features as it may hurt him. He may be wiped with milk soapy water and pressed with a towel before sun dried. The wings are fixed and not removble. Limbs swivel 360 degree for posing


His outer skin is made entirely of upcycled cotton spandex jersey. He has firm yet squishy. As this is reclaimed materials, he may have small spots of stains from his previous life, carefully placed to enhance his character. He is filled with a mixture of new poly filling and reclaimed cotton filling.


Worldwide registered shipping is 6$ for the first pocket doll and 3$ for every subsequent.

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