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Calico Cat Evil Papaya

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Evil is just what she calls herself.

Despite her apparent strength she is conscious of what people think of her.

The thick orange cotton she’s made of is rigid and strong, she wanted but couldn’t be anyone else.

Her resolute no-nonsense way of problem-solving have put off many she’s tried to help.

If you knew her beyond the blunt black and white appearance, she is really a small Papaya, soft and squishy on the inside.

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Product Description


Evil Papaya is 3-1/2″ Head to toe, 2-1/2″ sitting, 1-1/2″ across the ears at widest.

Material & Play

The thick orange cotton knit holds together strong and solid. Well worned fine and thin black and white alternates on her body. Her tail is strong and forceful like her personality, creating balance to her small size. Her limbs swivel to give orders and motion a heated debate. She sits well when appealed to her reason.

Caution & Care

Do not put her in washing machine or dryer. She can be spot cleaned with damn cloth. If you live in a very dry and sunny weather where things dry in an instant, he can be hand washed.

She is not a toy for children. his parts can be ripped apart, chewed and swallowed. He might burn too if brought close to fire.

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