Cattledog Sprinkles

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I could bring very little in my backpack, only a few scraps equaivalent to one small tshirt. I cobbled the pieces, careful not to breathe too hard, a featureless creature smaller than a thread spoil appeared. Months later when I had more, I refilled him, he bluges and is heavy for his size. I stitched ‘now’ over his belly. Sprinkles knows he is the best cumulated effort of every moment of ‘’now’.

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Product Description


Sprinkles is 10cm or 4” ear to toe, 7cm or 3” sitting and 4cm or 1-1/2” ear to ear.


He is made of many different crowdsourced materials, from different owners and of various stages of wear.

His face and back body are made of a screen printed spotted pattern with glitter, the tail is cotton with loops with blue woven filling showing through. The belly is the same terry , stretched unevenly over the overstuffed torso, exposing the inside at the visible seams. On his belly, the word ‘ now’ is stitched over a hole, visibly mending, and a subtle reminder.

His stiff little arms swivel 180° for play, and he sits well on his bum.


She is not a child’s toy. She might be strong, but with enough force his limbs and eyes may come off. She is also a chocking and fire hazard.


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Sprinkles is shipped in a Small package.


Send me a text using this contact form, email me at noisybeak at gmail or DM on Instagram. I’m sure we can work it out together.