Clara – chicken pocket doll – Dandelion Darlings

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Hi. Clara, is me.

What? Ya. Huh?

Let's go. I lead.


*Clara* is **NOT** ready stock. She will be handmade after you place the order.

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Prices in USD

Clara is NOT ready stock. She will be handmade after you place the order.


  • Chicken


  • She is predominately red checkered with pink accents, yellow beak and legs.


  • Clara has the most slender legs, and is capable of some crazy stunts. They swivel at pelvis and bends where you would expect chicken’s legs to bend.
  • She is the only darling with wings instead of arm. She bend too, but perhaps a little more limited in poses.
  • As with all other darlings, she sits well without support.


  • Clara is about 6″ tall from head to toe, but she looks smaller than her other pink pals due to her skinny legs and pointy beak.
  • I like putting her in a glass jar to watch her skinny legs.
  • She enjoys going out in handbags and pockets. No one will know you are hiding her.

Face & Hair

  • She has a small little comb on top of her head.
  • She has furry accents around her beady hand embroidered eyes.
  • The only darling so far to spot a contrasting coloured beak.


  • She has wings to cover herself with. But her wing span is not quite big enough to wrap around her body.
  • That’s all. When embarrassed she just runs away.
  • Comes with a mystery item.

Processing & Shipping

  • Made to order
  • Detail see FAQ


You can message me here, or DM me on Instagram @noisybeak. I will be happy to work things out with you.

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