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Cow cat Theo

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His lint covered fabric was washed thin. I gave him black patches not only to hide the bumps inside. He stopped me from stitching another patch. ‘What was will always be,’ he said, ‘don’t need coverup, I need to dress up.’ With that same scrap, I made a bow-tie for Theo.

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Product Description


Theo is 4-1/2″ ear to toe, sits at 3-1/2″, and 2″ ear to ear.


Playing to him is sitting atop the roof, a tree or a tall book shelve, looking afar, devising plans for the future. His limbs swivel to point at the vision in his mind. He sits well on his round bum, if he falls, just nudge him back into shape.

Materials & Making

I stitched Theo by hand using simple needle and thread. He is made entirely from old clothes. Making him produced zero waste in fabric. See materials and environment.


He isn’t a toy. He can be a choking and fire hazard, please keep him away from children, animals, and fire.

Shipping & Processing



More questions? Email me at noisybeak at gmail or text me on @noisybeak on instagram.