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Elephant Ella

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Hello hello. My name is Ella. I’m an elephant.


I am pink because I blush too much. I like to play outdoors. Nothing can contain my trunk and my adventurous heart.


I like to ride in shirt pockets for a better vantage point.


Can I hitch a ride with you?

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Product Description


  • Elephant


  • As with the other Dandelion Darlings, Ella’s arms and legs bend at “elbows & knees”
  • Limbs swivel 360 degrees for the most imaginative moves
  • Ella has extra articulation compared to her friends. Her head tilts up and down slight, and her trunk can be curled up and down, may even be able to hold a paper clip.


  • She is about 6″ from top of her head to toe, excluding ears.
  • She fits well into breast pocket of a shirt, external handbag pockets.

Face & Hair

  • She has fluffy accents around her wide set eyes on either sides of her thick trunk.
  • The edges of her ears are raw, designed to fray over time


  • The way she was born

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