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Exotic shorthair cat Leonard

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His life is an ocean, his days tides. He sails, guided by the pink light of his nose on her storm grey combed cotton face. Rain, shine or thunder storm, weather does what it does, and he sails smiles and meows.

I call him Leonard.

His body made of a thick sand coloured ribbed jersey, soft limbs gloved in faded black chinos, he will weather the storm, bushfire, virus, politics, even solitude.

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Product Description


Leonard is 4″ head to toe, sits at 3-1/4″, widest at 2″ ear to ear, 4″ belly to tail.


He is made os a thick greige ribbed cotton, while his seal points are blue grey combed cotton, and paws are faded chino. His chubbiness consists of old clothes and scrap from here and there. He is a cat of many experinces.

Care and Caution

Not that he isn’t fond of children, please keep him away from children who chew and yank because no one likes that. He can be sponged with water to remove mild stains. Do not put in washing machine or dryer. Hanging dry in the sun is a great way for him to practise pull-ups.


Bring him out for people watching. Seaside would be great, he loves the waves too. Swivel his arms for gestures or exercise. His tail can’t be moved as he needs it for balance.

Shipping and processing

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