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Ginger Cat Max

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I wrestled a large stubborn piece cut from a thick yellow tee. I stitched so hard he became tight and small.

I kept kneading the yellow knob in my hand, wondering if I should fatten him. It would be nice to have someone to ask, so I stitched a face on.

He looked back at me and said, leave me alone.

Well that’s all I needed to know. Thanks Max.

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Product Description



Max sits at 2-3/4″, he is widest across his face at 1-1/4″, 3-1/2″ ear to toe. His tail curls slightly upwards, but if you stretched it straight (ouch), he is 3″ belly to tail.




He sits on his bum steadily, without support. His limbs can be swivels to point or punch things, or talk with his hands. His tail can’t be swivelled, but will bend to nudging. He will yield to the shape of your hand if you play with him enough. He likes travelling in purses to see the world. Show him!


Materials & Making

Every limb, his outside and insides are made entirely of upcycled old clothes. He was sculpted and stitched together by hand, one stitch at a time. He is strong but vulnerable too. Find out more about environment responsibility here.


Caution & Care


He loves to play, he loves toy, but he isn’t one. He prefers to think of himself as art like all creatures big and small. Some people would call Max an art doll (how insulting). Whatever the label, he can be sponged clean but doesn’t like baths.


Processing & Shipping


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