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Ginger tabby cat Angelica

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In a lidded box on the shelf Angelica sat alone. Many months later, I took her out. Orange stripes dances around her body made of thinned yellow cotton. What is that at the tip of her ears? She said, “to survive the dark, alone, I became my light.”

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Product Description


Angelica is 4″ ear to toe, sits at 3-1/2″, 2-1/2″ belly to tail.



A well worn golden cotton jersey with an oxidised white scraps for her points. She is stuffed with scraps from making other beakies from old clothes, once loved and now eternal as a beakie. See materials.

Care & caution

She has many stripes that may get snagged against rough surfaces, hooks or protrusions. Please keep her away from children who rip things off and chew. She doesn’t like washing machine or dryer. She prefers sponging and hung dry in the sun.

Processing and shipping

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Send me a message or email me at noisybeak at gmail dot com, I’m certain we can work things out together. a