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Ginger tabby cat Tangelo

120 AUD$

The trim positioned on his head, stiff and rigid, keeps his head collected, unlike the unrestrained body that keeps growing sideways.

I say to him, a walk could be nice, or catch some mice?

He says, I’m perfect for a tangelo.

My bad, Tangelo.

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Product Description


Tangelo is 3-3/4″ or 10cm ear to toe, 3″ or 8cm sitting, 2-1/4″ or 5.5cm across the belly.


He is made of thick yellow cotton jersey, with a serge seam positioned across his forehead. The whites are from a well worn vintage cotton thermal.

All filling is 100% recycled and zerowaste of odd and ends from making other beakies.

How it’s made

Beakies are entirely hand stitched using simple needle and thread. They are cut, filled, and then sculpted individually using thread tension. Each beakie is a unique response to the chosen materials.

The faces are embroidered free-hand, responding to the shape and texture of the sculpted fabric waste. No template is used, nor the same will follow. Each face is truly unique.


Limbs swivel 360 degree for posing. They sit well on their bum.

When a beakie first arrives, nudge the bottom lightly into shape, and balance with tail on the flat ground.

They are slightly elastic, if you play with it much, it will mold to your touch and the expression may change. And it’s a good thing. Beakie grow with you.


Beakies are not toys for children. They may be strong but arms and tail may drop off if pulled hard enough.

Fire and choking hazard.

When carrying a beakie around, please always transport in provided sleeping bags to protect the stitches from abrasion.




Ask me, I’m sure we can work it out together.