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Ginger Tabby Cat Tara

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From an orange tshirt, Tara inheritated a pinhole on her narrow neck.

It wasn’t noticeable unless you combed for lint.

I slapped on a piece of white scrap and stabilised it with rows of stitched stripes.

Her head wobbled. I stitched it down.

For each stripe added for stability, 2 more followed for visual balance.

Her neck slacked, head flopped back.

I snipped all the stitches, removed the collar and see a hole the size of a crayon.

Tara whispered,”see it, mend it. The thickened fabric will hold my head high.”

I obliged.

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Product Description


She is 4” ear to toe, 3-1/4” sitting, 1-1/2” ear to ear, 3” belly to tail.


She is economical when it comes to words, and speak only when she needs to. Not so much the cuddling kind, she prefers to sit and watch the streets with quiet company in proximity. Her limbs swivel 360° To draw your attention to things, or to make a point where it counts. She sits well on her bum, with enhanced balance of the tail.



Her skin comes from a thick cotton children’s t shirt originally of many colours. The price taken for making Tara sustained a hole on the left of her neck, which is then sewn over repeatedly. She doesn’t like thinking of it as a scar but just thickened skin for protection. She is made of upcycled old clothes inside and out. Making her produces zero waste in fabric. See more on materials and Environment.


She’s not a toy. If a child rips her limbs off and put them in the mouth, it will be a hazard for all—you, Tara, and child.

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