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Green Christmas cou-reindeer ooak pocket art doll

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I'm glad Christmas is back. I love seasonal work as a cou-reindeer. Shipping is free, because I deliver myself (not on a platter tho).

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Product Description

#####Special note
– the reindeer has acquired 2 bells each for festive jingle. bells not shown in photo above.


  • Reindeer with a red nose


  • about 6.5-7” from antlers to toe
  • asymmetrical antlers, one longer than the other

Face & Hair

  • different elements were stitched on by hand, no two are alike, not even it’s twin.
  • it has long white lashes which may shed over time with play, but will look just as dazzling as a reindeer.
  • the hair of antlers have little golden beads hand sewn to them portion by portion
  • a little bell is also sewn on each side for a festive jingle


  • a removable candy striped scarf


  • upcycled upholstery fabric for the body and face
  • denim ears, jersey eyes, satin nose, denim limbs
  • high quality poly and upcycled washed cotton filling


  • the reindeer has arms and legs that swivel 360 for posing
  • it sits on the bum without support
  • the antlers has wires in them, it will bend for play, and able to hold small items such as its own scarf
  • this doll contains very small parts that may become detached in time, therefore it is not recommended for young children who put things other then food in the mouth.
  • this doll is hand made and is quite fragile, gentle play is recommended. Trying to pull its limbs or facial features out is a no-no.
  • do not swivel the limbs more than 360 degree, even the triple sew joints may snap.


  • the shell is made from 100% reclaimed fabric from old clothes. So a small amount of discolouration, and irregularity would be expected, but rest assure the imperfect parts chosen will not compromise the doll.
  • it may be wiped with soapy water, or hand washed in a gentle soapy solution, and squeezed dry with towel. Washing is NOT recommended on rainy or humid days which may prolong drying time.
  • overtime, played with often, the stitches may break or materials stretch. Vulnerable parts are mouth and arms. If signs of wear and tear shows over time, do contact me for brainstorming solutions.


  • your hammer head is designed ground up using my original patterns.
  • in addition to using washed up cycled fabric, the process of making of this doll produces almost zero waste.
  • this is handmade one of a kind, so no two are the same, uneven and exposed stitches are common characteristics, as are unevenness in the reclaimed fabrics.

Processing & Shipping



You can write me a message here, or DM me on Instagram @noisybeak. I will be happy to work things out with you.