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Grey Tabby Cat Reuben

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Reuben Reuben, what am I to do with you? You’ve rejected every way I’ve tried to tell your story. You scratched out the part about sustaining numerous small stabs to earn each large stripe, hiding the fine cotton you’re really made of. You said you’d rather be nothing. Why won’t you let me tell others who you really are?

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He is 4-1/2” ear to toe, 3-1/2” sitting, and 1-1/2” ear to ear.


Swivel his limbs gently, and he will guide you to the stars in the sky, or that in your heart. He is a mix of rigid and soft, and will conform to your grip over time. He sits well in his bum, balanced by his tail. If he didn’t on rival, nudge him a little, he’ll know what to do.


Old clothes have soul, and that’s where he got that from. he is made of 100% upcycled clothes and household items. His grey skin was a fine supima cotton tee shirt.

More on materials and environment responsibility.


Every stitch that turned old clothes into Reuben is made by hand using simple sewing needles. I think it is called slow stitching these days. He is made free and with no template. No two beakies are the same.


Despite his serious face he loves to play. But his idea of play—watching the world go by at his favourite cafe—may not be the same as a child’s, who like tearing things apart or chewing everything in sight. He is not a toy and may be a choking hazard.

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