Handmade bunny doll- white water blue

50 $

White and tranquil, she spends most of her time observing and planning. Until one day opportunity strikes, she turns around showing her elaborate water green lace bunny tail, and away she hops to her dream.

Behind a veil of long lashes, her big gentle eyes sweeps the horizon for danger and opportunities. Then with one swift leap, her strong hind legs propels her to the destination in her imagination . Let her guide you to your hearts desire.


Product Description




Head to bum 3-1/2″, ear to toe 5-1/2″


This handmade rabbit doll is made for companionship. She waits patiently and quietly. Because she sits firmly on her behind, and her limbs swivel 360º (please always reverse the movement after play or posing). Her limbs are intentionally jointed asymmetrically, it is not a defect .Her ears are not jointed, but they can be gently coaxed into shape to listen to the wind.


Tiny rabbit here is made completely of reclaimed materials, except threads. Her body is made of soft cotton jersey reclaimed from children’s clothes, therefore a little fading and lint is to be expected. This is what makes her unique.

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