Harriet – horse pocket doll – Dandelion Darlings

75 $

Never say neigh. That's me, Harriet.

Try everything, twice.

My hair may be messed up, but my mind is nothing like it.

Harriet is NOT ready stock. She will be handmade after you place the order.

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Prices in USD

Sage is NOT ready stock. She will be handmade after you place the order.


  • Horse


  • Just like her compatriots, she can mimic your moves with her bendable limbs.
  • In additional, she has extra wires in her neck so she can look up and down and sideways. I love playing with her.
  • She sits without support. But she likes to pose with one arm in front. She read too much fashion mags.


  • She is the standard approximately 6″ size, but looks taller because she has a more slender body than the rest.
  • she sits well in small bags and pockets, and your hand too.

Face & Hair

  • She has an uneven face that makes her a little silly looking. But she is actually very wise.
  • Very messy hair from head to back, eyelashes are over grown too.
  • Her pupils are more horizontal because she is a horse after all.


  • Who needs an outfit with a body like that?
  • Comes with a mystery item.

Processing & Shipping

  • Made to order
  • Detail see FAQ


You can message me here, or DM me on Instagram @noisybeak. I will be happy to work things out with you.

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