Japanese Chin Herman

220 AUD$

Held together by a thread, the blob of soft scraps stretched every which way. The head grows into a globe and his body refuses to follow. The body is too small for the head. Moving around can’t be easy. He told me he prefers to quiet himself and let the universe come to him. He says his name is Herman.

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Product Description


4-1/2″ tall, 3-3/4″ sitting, 2-1/2″ across the widest at forehead


Materials & Play

Made of black and white fabric printed and embroidered, full of fur balls. So much from the past leading to the future he can’t forget. He is completely filled with old scraps cut out from other beakies. He thinks too much head too head, he prefers to lead against a wall, but will sit unsupported if trained. His wide set eyes and lashes are too fashioned from scratch using cloth and fibre from old used clothes.


Care and caution

Herman isn’t a toy for children. He think of himself as a companion, or preferably an advisor. You can call him a guide, but don’t say ‘dog’. Do not put him near heat source or he might burn. He can be sponge cleaned and dried. Do not put him in washing machine or dryer.


Processing and Shipping



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