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Mongrel puppy Randolf

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His peachy brown cotton spandex’s silky soft and smooth. While he was made, nothing snapped or snagged. He has no holes, no patches, no stains.

He is just an ordinary dog, like any other.

His only exceptional quality is that he beats the rest to even ordinariness.

He didn’t mind. He didn’t care. Actually, he even didn’t notice. He is fully occupied being the best friend he could be, to anyone who cares about him , for being himself.

I call him Randolf.

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Product Description


Randolf measures 3-1/2″  ear to bum, his widest ear to ear is 2-1/2″.


His skin is made of a reclaimed peachy brown cotton spandex from a snood, and stuffed with scraps of other beakies from fabric that otherwise goes into trash.


All his limbs swivel for play. His tail doesn’t move as it stabalises him while sitting. He likes the paw pose as he thinks he looks cute and can get what he wants.

Care and caution

He is not a toy for children who put things in the mouth, nor does he enjoy being yanked at the limbs. Please play with him gently, or he bites.

Shipping and processing

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