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Pierce the pug

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Lemon yellow and lime green scraps—he is the colour of seedlings showered by the morning sun.

After patching all the gaps from fraying scraps, I packed fibre into him, tightly.

Though young, he has solid build. He will not yield to manipulation, coercion, or persuasion.

He’s a rock. He waits. I call him Pierce.

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Product Description


Head to toe 4-1/4″

Head width 2-1/2″

Sitting 3-1/2″



Pierce takes everything seriously, including play. His left front paw is constantly turned out, stopping anyone or anything thing from approaching before he has time to process. His head is heavy with fabric and contingencies. he may topple if deep in thought, please handle him with care.



Pierce is made of various fine but old cotton tees. With focus, you can almost see through them, and look right into his heart.



This is not a toy for real children or other pugs. This is for someone who can handle Pierce with care and respect. He may be pulled apart with enough brute force, please don’t try.


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