Retriever puppy Alvin

60 $

The worn and thinned golden cotton jersey barely veils the stuff he’s made of, let alone hide the rushes of emotions he has about everything around him.

He hasn’t once been asked to retrieve anything, he wonders how he was ever going to prove his worth. He has seen his reflection in a jam jar of water, so unlike that of other happy puppies, he wonders how he was ever going to be loved. He thinks about his feelings and feels his thinking and wonders if everyone else, too, has existential crisis.

Say this, “Come, Alvin, dinner.”

and, his glazed eyes snap into focus, “life is good.”

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Product Description


Alvin is 3-1/4″ Head to tail, 3″ sitting, 3-1/4″ belly to tail, and 2-1/4″ ear to ear.


The custard lemon fine cotton is from an old fancy t-shirt that gained holes all over and had to give it’s life to beakies. Alvin is made of smiles and tears and recycled scraps from odds and ends of old clothes.


Swivel his limbs, he needs more exercise and more outdoor time. His tail can’t be moved, but he do wag with strong wind.

Care and Caution

No one likes being yanked at the limbs, neither does he. Please keep Alvin away from children who chew toys. I thank you on his behalf. He can be sponged gently to remove stains. Do not put in in the washing machine.

Shipping and processing

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