Rabbit Ruth

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A fearful life is a wasted life.

I can’t let that happen to me.

I’m ready. I’m hopping into your pocket. Brace yourself.

I’m Ruth by the way.

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Product Description


  • Rabbit


  • Her limbs swivel and bend to allow her to do courageous acts on a whim.
  • She sits well on her bum.
  • With patience, you can balance her for posing upright.


  • She is 6″ tall excluding ears. She said I should really include the ears.
  • She is compact, travels well in bags, pockets, mugs, you get the idea.

Face & Hair

  • She has the darkest eyes of all darlings and 2 lashes on each eye.
  • Her ears are raw edges, stand upright, will not collapse as it is built into the pattern.


  • Like all other darlings in the collection, she is ahem naked. She should be able to share clothes with the mighty girls collection

Processing & Shipping

  • Made to order
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