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Scottish Fold Roly

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His snow white skin cut from a well-loved tee is worn so thin, he could not hide what’s inside him.
He fears what others think of his thinking and feel of his feelings. His head swelled with worries.
One day, with his stumpy legs on the pavement but eyes on his memories, he tripped.
He rolled.
As his cylindrical body gained momentum on the social distanced street, the world reveals itself to be an ever changing kaleidoscope, thoughts come and go, Roly remains Roly.

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Product Description


Roly is 3″ Head to toe, 2-1/2″ sitting, 2″ across the head at widest.


Material & Play

Because his head is big, he prefers lying down, but he sits well with some encouragement and good company.

He is made of an old thinned white cotton t-shirt filled with colourful remnants from making his friends. His teeny limbs can be swivels for gesturing, but he are really stubs, your empathy and listening skills is more important at knowing what he wants.

Caution & Care

He face is dense with thread markings, each representing a worry, prevent him from rolling on the ground too much as it will make him furry too young.

Do not put him in washing machine or dryer. He can be spot cleaned with damn cloth. If you live in a very dry and sunny weather where things dry in an instant, he can be hand washed.

He is not a toy for children. his parts can be ripped apart, chewed and swallowed. He might burn too if brought close to fire.

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