Songbird Mermaid

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I don’t need the right words to sing. The music will find me. Watch my eyes dance.

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Product Description

Size & Features

She is approximately 9″ head to tail.


She wears a pastel embroidered bikini. She has pink waves for hair, like a undulating rim of a clam shell. Her long unruly eyelashes can’t hide the mischievous glint in her eyes. She is waiting for a song to find her.

Her tail and draped fin are made of a reclaimed vintage Andy Warhol t shirt.


Materials & Handmade process

She is made from reclaimed fabric, and polyfill. Hand stitched head to toe, with new threads.


One of a kind, no one even from the noisybeak family looks the same, as every doll is hand stitched with different reclaimed materials. Her face is embroidered free hand with no guide.


Play & Care

Carefully, swivel her limbs up and down, but no more than one full rotation. With a penchant for hand gestures, in addition to being a noisy one, she helps you say what you want said.

She is designed ergonomically, fitting nicely in a cupped hand. A lightly closed adult hand would hold her quite snuggly for every scenario.


Processing & Shipping

For her journey to you, and onwards, with you, I have made her a sleeping bag, keeping her clean and secure.


For processing and shipping time and cost, please check out the FAQ page.


Ask me

If you have any questions at all, please message me using the contact form, or send me a direct message on, where I’m pretty active.

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