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Tortie Cat Ember

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She used to blend into darkness.

I added an orange patch on the tip of her nose so she can see herself.

The flame kindled another, then another.

She said she feels like she’s burning.

I fanned her.

Then she growls and glows.

Ember’s flame will never die.

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4-1/2″ ear to toe, 3-1/2″ sitting, 1-3/4″ ear to ear.



Ember loves to play, but gently. She can swivel her arms and legs, dance and kick, but never work. She has a strong core and sits well on her bottom. Her tail can’t be swivelled but can be nudged left or right for giving you directions in life.



I stitched Ember by hand using basic needles and thread. Her skin and her inside is all from old clothes, there is nothing new about her except for threads and her fresh take on life. See materials and environmental responsibility.



She is not a toy, please do not leave her alone with young children or animals or fire or rain. She can be a choking or fire hazard.


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