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Tortie cat Rhonda

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Her face didn’t fit my idea of her.

I tweaked her eyes, the slant of her mouth.

She looked the same, but bored.

Then I cut and pulled out all the threads and, on the beat up canvas I stitched a new face on.

A familiar face emerged instead, and said “Enough already. I’m not changing one bit.”

Rhonda stuck out her tongue and pranced off.

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Product Description


She is 4-1/4” ear to toe, 3” sitting, 2” ear to ear.


Swivel her limbs up or down, she will wave hi and good bye and points to nonsense on  eww broadcast. she sits well on her bum. If she topples, nudge her bottom wee bit, and she’ll be straight again.


She is made entirely of upcycled old clothes. her skin primarily came from two children’s dresses. he ringside is also made up of old stuff. Only thing new about her is that threads that hold everything g together  and her fresh attitude each day.

She was put together stitch by stitch using traditional handle and thread, and no more. Her eyes and fur pattern are embroidered free hand, no two beakies are ever alike.

Read about materials and environment responsibility.


She loves play but isn’t a toy. Please take care playing with her and distance her from children who rip things apart and chew or swallow.




Contact me and let’s work things out together.