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Tuxedo cat Edith

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The black cotton didn’t stretch as much as I thought is would. She is small.

I tried to grow this little one by stuffing her more than I did with other beakies.

She is stiff, rigid and doesn’t give. Never give way, never give in, never up. The black mark on her right paw is magic, everything she touches is hers.

Fear not, she plays by her own rule. If you touched her, her heart, she is yours, your meowjesty Edith.

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Product Description


Edith is 3-1/2″ ear to toe, 3″ sitting, 1-1/2″ ear to ear.


Her blackness is combed and soft but rigid, which becomes a large part of her personality besides the stiffly stuffed belly of recycled old clothes. See materials and environment.

Care and caution

Do not pull or tug at her limbs or tail or scratch her nose. Do not let her near children who chew toys, for everyone’s sake. She likes dry sponge bath followed by a drying session in the sun.


Her limbs swivel to vent her anger, to point at everything she wants, and to look cute for the camera. She like sitting high, like top of upturned coffee mugs.

Processing and shipping

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