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Tuxie Cat Spud

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There were no holes sustained from the event tee shirt.

There was no warping from irregular stitching.

I tugged lightly at the points where ears would be, the knob responded with a balance of resistance and pliancy.

It was a joy to hold.

It was perfect.

I pulled the ears harder just to see how far it’ll go.

He scowled, ‘What have you done, I was the perfect stud!’

I rested him gently on my hand and replied,

‘You are perfect, Spud.’

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Product Description


Spud is 4″ ear to toe, 3-1/2″ sitting, and his head is 1-3/4″ wide


He may not look like it, but Spud really enjoys company. He does have a bit of an esteem issue disguised as anger. He requires a lot of patient and not judgemental company. Like us all, he loves a good squeeze when things are rough. His limbs swivel for pointing at what he wants or just telling you off.

Materials & Making

He was stitched completely from old clothes, using hand needles only. Could explain his old soul for a new born. Making him creates zerowaste in fabric, he is made of remnants of other beakies, and in turn his scraps will give birth to another. More about materials & environment responsibility here.


This is not a toy, please do not let children who rip things apart and or put in the mouth play with murphy. It will be a hazard to all.

Shipping & Processing

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Send me a mail at noisybeak at gmail dot com or use the contact form. I will be happy to work things out with you.