99.9% Reclaimed Fabric Plushie Prototype

contrast stitching of plushie

Following the last unsatisfactory attempt at making the stuffed denim fish dolls, these are my thoughts & what I did about them:

3 variation on torso widths

1. The usual notch & clip doesn’t work on denim to create a rounded appearance.
– Used thicker thread for added strength
– Thread in contrast colour to anticipate the showing of the stitches with denser filling material

contrast stitching of plushie

2. The fishes are way too skinny, need to eat more.
– Increased torso width of the sewing pattern
– Packed stuffing much more tightly

3 variation on torso widths

3. Possible change of stuffing.
– Stuffed the softie with 100% upcycled fabric scraps in a mix of woven and knits

4. The fried eggs eyes are hilarious, but, is there more I can do?
Hide the rim under the eye before tacking to the fish face

lip variations

5. The back fin needs rethinking, they look accidental.
– Drew an extra tab as fins so it looks intentional

compare back fins

6. Fin joint is not holding in position.
– Resolved with stiffer filling material as in point no. 3

7. Overall the reclaimed fabric plushie prototypes lack contrast.
– Use a different reclaimed denim fabric1 with more colour differentiation between warp and weft threads

denim fish plush face // Marn Made It

Made it,


  1. I have finally used up the bigger pieces of my last grey reclaimed denim fabric. The scraps left isn’t enough to make up the surface area of a single fish. I moved on to ripped another pair of old jeans. This time, its indigo, well worn, with whiskers faded where you expect it. 


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