Quilted sleeping bag

baby hippo textile doll handmade by noisybeak

handmade hippo baby doll in a sleeping bag

Baby hippo‘s stayed much longer than I had intended.

It has been a good few days after adoption, long past my usual shipping window. Perhaps I should have told the family this baby needs more injections before departure, an excuse for being the over protective creator that I am.

I put baby in the usual sleeping bag, getting it ready for  departure. But, it’s still too young. I tried to comfort the baby. It looked at me with bulging grape-like eyes, it knows no evil in this world, it knows nothing.

I imagined a place hippo will be happy in. How about a pond? with greenery?

Adapting from my recent adventures in improv quilting, I combined picked up fabric scraps that, if all goes well, would form a shape I would call a square, almost. WIP improv doll quilt sleeping bag containing a baby hippo textile doll


I added some ruffles, and darts to create volume. No one complains of extra leg room, ever.

leepy baby hippo textile doll handstitched and upcycled by noisybeak

I want to give it an abstract world in our concrete world. The blue ruffles is water, the green, foliage, or more water, or a time machine. This is gonna be a real test of hippo’s imagination.

baby hippo fabric doll peering out of its sleeping bag


Quiet now. Baby is going to rest before the long flight ahead.

doll quilt roll containing hand stitched cloth doll from recycled materials

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