Bear plushie with an Opened Mouth

baxter black bear doll munching

I made my first doll with a mouth. A mouth “more-real” than just threads on a face.

I have always had an affinity for soft toys, stuffed animals, plushies whatever you call them, or trending word substitute it may be.

finger licking good demonstrated by baxter black bear plushie

I like that they are cuddly. I can smoosh my face against it, and be comforted by the softness and squishiness. When I hold plushies at an arm’s length, they stare right back at me. I also like the responsiveness when I squeeze and release, and repeat. Without venturing into realism, I want to interact with my dolls.

And, most of my created friends are animals. I think it would be really fun having a mouth on a plushie so I can feed it.

I made this prior to making the hammerhead shark doll, and the design of its pocket mouth. So this was really the first attempt. I was working with my instincts here.

The focus of this doll making exercise is to make a mouth that I can put my finger in. I made the pattern really simple, almost 2-d style plushie. The legs are one piece with the body. The arms are conveniently sewn between the head and body connection.

Snout & Mouth Shape

The snout is made of a shape like a 2/3 moon, cut 2 pieces, with an inset of fabric the inside of the mouth. I don’t know how to describe, so I’ve scribbled something like this.

bear mouth illustration

As a result, I have a snout and mouth like this below.

lining of the stuffed animal bear plushie

I think that I did not provide enough protrusion on the bigger piece, therefore, the snout falls relatively flat on the bear plushie face.

If I pulled the lining out, it looks like he has an overbite.

baxter bear plushie pocket mouth

What I learnt

Although Baxter didn’t turn out as intended (actually all dolls never turn out as intended, perhaps I have bad visualisation skill), I consider it a good study of a mouth on a flat surface, which served as a test for my subsequent dolls with open mouths.

baxter black bear doll munching

As this was an almost all black tee shirt jersey fabric, I highlighted the paws with thick brown thread so they look like fingers.


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