Working on fish plushies again

Last week, I started working on some fish plushies. The idea came from my earliest memory of aquarium pets.

aquarium fishesI made a few palm size soft toys—a flat angel fish, an oblong guppy, and a bulbous goldfish.

They are cute. Really cute. But that’s about all I can say.

I’m invested in them somehow. I don’t feel connected to them. As usual, the fishes ended up being tossed around the house as “weapon”. Well, they are serving their purpose as soft toys for play.

Over the weekend, I have been itching to start a new project again.

But what?

Today, my mind wandered to the fishes again. Maybe I will make fish dolls instead. Humanoid form.


So I came up with some sketches of fish monsters. They end up looking quite similar, though all with a slightly different look.

Work In Progress - Fish plushie - I like sketching with ink, isn't it appropriate for sea creatures? //Marn made it

Mock Up

Then, I went ahead to make 3-d paper mock-ups.

Work In Progress - Fish plushie paper mockup //Marn made it

As I approach new doll shapes, I often have no idea how it would wind up looking. I prefer to let my intuition guide me during the creative process.

Except, I know I don’t want a mermaid. Instead, I much favour a fish head with human legs. Sort of, at least.

Work In Progress - Fish plsuhie head mock up //Marn made it

So with that decision out of the way, I went on to translate that idea into a workable sewing pattern.


After many iterations and simplifications, I settled on a pattern that is easy enough to sew, yet, versatile enough for me to inject a little fun into.

Work In Progress - Fish plushie - Laying out sewing pattern for cutting //Marn made it

### Fabric

Oh, and I have decided to make this in denim.

Denim is a material very close to my heart. I spent the majority of my working life in jeans. They were the best companion anyone could ask of, especially during the overtime. Not to mention, the falling asleep in a pub.

The durable fabric has become such a big part of my life, I couldn’t imagine parting with it. So much so, I even got married in a denim gown. An indigo denim gown.

Tomorrow is a new day

Anyway, my point is, I picked up the fishes where I left them. And, I’m happy they lived for a cause

That is all for the day. I will be cutting the patterns tomorrow. Fingers crossed I don’t change my mind about the patterns in my sleep.


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