Handmade bunny reflection

2 handmade artist bunny pocket dolls sitting side by side looking at the horizon

Fast forward a few years, today, there are two more handmade bunnies in the #noisybeakfamily , in addition to Becca and Ruth.

Today, clicking through my doll photos, my handmade bunnies present a certain expression. And, the construction method, or size, or the occasion on which it is made had an impact on the hand embroidery rabbit face.

I’ve always drawn a part of me in these handmade bunnies.

Admittedly, there is a part of us in everything we make.

But, none of the hammerhead shark dolls look like me much, really.

Even my husband says he is ‘scared’ of the rabbits, and went on to explain the rabbit dolls feel like me in attitude.

Becca, Bunny plushies by Marn Wong // Marn Made It
Particularly Becca. She can be bossy.
Ruth the hare is a pink posable 6" dolly for play
Remember, don’t mess around with Ruth.

I don’t understand why I’m creating bunnies when I’ve never paid attention to them earlier.

But, I am seeing a change in these new bunnies. They seem stronger yet quieter than the earlier handmade rabbit dolls of mine.

They show my reflection better than a room full of mirrors.


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