Soft Kookies anxiety dolls

I’ve spent weeks making the Dandelion Darlings. They are flexible, the limbs bend and joints rotate 360. They pose almost any way I can think of and can’t do myself.

Because I want the dolls to hold the positions, they were made a little stiffer than my other big soft dolls.

I miss the softness of a doll

I miss squeezing a soft doll and feel it’s shape change with my pressure. Somehow that gesture relieves stress, reduces anxiety.

It is one of the resins I chose soft doll making instead of a hard sculpture type of art medium.

The anxiety dolls I made for myself

The one of a kind combination of fabric colours and patterns, and even fabric type, results in very unexpected shapes.

3 dolls made from the same pattern using different fabric are of different sizes and width. If they lived in real life, they would never be mistaken as siblings.

I started with the rabbits, then the goats and then chickens

The doll making process is the beginning of the stress relief. I chose the fabrics and colours quite freely without the stress of making them into a collection. I let my intuition guide me.

Small pocket dolls go everywhere

As with most of my other dolls, these were made pocket size at 5-7″, fits in a clutched stressed fist, as well as a shirt pocket.

I like this size, I feel like I can protect it easily. I don’t have to fear leaving it behind at the cubicle or restaurant. If the environment was dirty, the doll remains a spectator in my pocket.

These dolls have to leave me

I feel blessed to be making these anxiety dolls, and hope that they will go out in the world to keep other people company.

Many dollmakers online talk about sending their dolls to their forever home… I’m not so sure about my dolls.

Maybe they are more of a traveller. Going just where to need to until another place needs them more.

See the soft kookies pocket dolls so far.


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