New Bunny Doll

Bran & Becca, Bunny soft toys by Marn Wong // Marn Made It

Bunny has never really been my “thing”, until Pinterest and the numerous cute animal photos found me.

It started as a sketching exercise where I wanted to practise my hand-eye coordination.

(Skip the ramble, jump to the photos.)

While looking at a photo, I would do numerous blind contour drawings.

Basically, I was tracing the contour with my eyes along the shape of the subject in the photo, and my hands simply followed the movement of my eyes. From beginning to end, I affixed my eyes on the subject only, and never on my own drawing.

In the end, I would have a chance at a decent drawing. The magic happens, however, if I repeated the same photo numerous times (or about 8-10 in my case), a decent drawing would eventually take shape.

Needless to say, one of my favourite subjects is cute fluffy bunnies. I began to feel something for these small animals, their eyes, long ears, and fur covered squishy bodies.

And without further ado,

Meet Becca

Becca, Bunny plushies by Marn Wong // Marn Made It

If she looks familiar, it’s because she was in some photos with Ken the Cat in a previous post.

Except for the stuffing, Becca the bunny doll was made entirely with recycled tees shirt. She wears a sleeveless high neck dress with a gathered drop waist.

She wears a sleeveless high neck dress with a gathered drop waist. Patterns on the dress are from the upcycled fabric, including the black thread chain across the body. I thought it would be nice to incorporate the prints and details on the original fabric.

becca bunny doll , back, by Marn Wong // Marn Made It

Becca is my second bunny. Again, strangely, I seem to post my second attempt before my first. Perhaps, it’s a confidence issue, perhaps.

Anyway, this doll is made with a new gusset shape that incorporates the ears, creating enough structure for the ears to stand.

I wanted the ears to still look like my sketches, the slightly folded look when viewed from the front. So I drafted the pattern to reflect this detail.

Check out the different views of this bunny doll head & ears below. It’s a slider. If it doesn’t slide,

Click on the dots or arrows

In case you’re wondering, the little dots on her right ear is also a print from the upcycled tee shirt.

Her eyes, nose and mouth, as usual, as hand-stitched embroidery. This time I tried a chain stitch on her upper eyelid to create little bumps. Not very effective I must admit. Well, shall try again another day.

Compare my 2 bunny dolls

So, I mentioned earlier that Becca is my second bunny. My first is Bran.

Bran is my first attempt at a head gusset I believe. I wanted to capture the pear-shaped face plus the wide nose of some bunnies I have been sketching. The head is separate from the body, only to be sewn on at last.

Bran & Becca, Bunny plushies by Marn Wong // Marn Made It

Sorry that Bran’s head looks like it’s coming off. I was testing the shape and yanked it too hard, and I didn’t realise until I’ve set up everything for photo taking, and I was too committed to my camera to pick up the needle and thread, and…

Yes, Bran’s head is falling off. I know. I will fix him after these photos.


The 2 bunny plushies have different head shapes and ears.

I’m glad I tried drafting the 2 different head shapes. I can’t decide which I like better.

Bran & Becca, Bunny soft toys by Marn Wong // Marn Made It

But, that’s nature, isn’t it? Maybe there is nothing to dislike, I’d just have to embrace the differences.

Bran & Becca, Bunny artist's dolls by Marn Wong // Marn Made It

And, celebrate it, maybe.


Is this what I’m doing by writing this blog post?





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