New elephant cloth doll prototypes WIP

3 elephant doll prototypes

I’m briefly going through the changes I made through making elephant cloth doll prototype 1 through 3.

Finally, I went back to pursuing the elephant pattern I made for the 3d pattern from paper mock up tutorial here and here.

First doll

I quite like how it turned out, especially the trunk.

But I wasn’t happy with how high the eyes sit. It was very difficult to estimate the position when the pattern has many merged seams.

pink elephant cloth doll prototype

Because the eye was too high up on the face, it looks a little haughty. I think that is why I gave it a pink dress.


Second doll

Then, I made sure the second elephant has lower eyes.

And, as you would expect with all things, it didn’t turn out well. It is much too low.

The ribbed jersey fabric in green here is super soft and cuddly. My hubby loves playing with it.

The tail here is extra long. the tail is really an after thought. I often concentrate so much on the shape and face of the stuffed animal, I neglect the back. On this green elephant I put together some scrap fabric strips as tail.

2nd elephant cloth doll prototype

Third doll

So, with te third cloth doll prototype, I made the tail first, before any other part.

calico elephant handmade doll wip calico elephant handmade doll wip


And, I explored a new way of making the ears.

calico elephant handmade doll wip

Bias type is stitched to the ears’ curves.

calico elephant handmade doll wip

The effect is a very interesting texture.

calico elephant handmade doll wip


The pressure is on to making the eyes right.

I embroidered the elephant doll eyes straight onto the fabric without drafting. I like it.

I like my third the best. My hubby begs to differ. I will stop here. Or maybe I will make a forth later, who knows.

calico elephant handmade doll wip

My 3 elephant cloth doll prototypes in birth order.


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