Rooster Doll Beak

rooster plush face close up

Roy the Rooster ushers in the new year as the mascot animal of 2017.

Okay. What I was trying to say is I made a new doll, adding on to my list of dolls with open mouths.

So far the plush dolls we have are
Baxter Bear
Harry Hammerhead Shark
– Warren Wolf

What?!? I thought I have a lot of open mouth dolls, enough to list them.

It feels like I spent a long time making them. And even longer playing with them. And there was only 3 before Roy?

Soft toy, to play or to create, is a time sink, I tell ‘ya.

A fellow crafter on Crafty Amino suggested I make a chicken with flapping wings. Birds maybe, ducks maybe, but chicken? That never crossed my mind. But, hey, why not?


As usual, my process begins with observing the animal in photos, mostly on Pinterest, and then sketching them.

I always have fun observing the details I, otherwise, would not normally notice.

I didn’t realise the comb and the wattle are often linked visually. I’m not talking about biology or science. I’m only stating what can be visually represented.

So I drafted a felt rooster plush pattern. Spent what felt like eternity stitching it together, BY HAND.

Countless hours later…

rooster felt plushie gif by Marn Wong marn made it

I don’t love felt plushies.

Not even my babies.

My bad.

I just never feel as connected to them as a soft upcycled doll with long floppy limbs.

Maybe it’s because I made felt stuffed animals by hand stitching. Therefore, I tend to make them really small, so I can finish faster. Maybe I don’t like the texture of the fuzz?

They may be fuzzy; I am fussy.

New rooster doll pattern

As mentioned, I was not happy with the felt rooster. I don’t dislike it, but there is no emotional connection with it. It doesn’t even have a name, and it has been days.

Roy the rooster doll work in progress, sewing pattern to cut shapes. // Marn Made It

I am using the same body dimension as I did for Harry the Hammerhead Shark doll.

The Beak

The priority for this doll is to explore the making of a rooster doll beak. The beak has to be 2 parts, top and bottom, not a single cone.

As always, I like my patterns simplified and easy to sew. I tried to cut down the number of unique shapes needed, combining adjacent shapes if possible, while not affecting the overall design.

On further exploration, the beak has to be separated from the head, both to accentuate the protrusion, as well as making it easy to sew in a different colour.

It looks hilarious before it is turned over.

Rooster doll beak before turning, from my new rooster doll pattern. // Marn Made It

And, this is how it looks after stuffing.

The last minute change to the pattern creates an indent where the eye meets the beak. Looks like I need to go back to add in the allowance to create a fuller face.

rooster doll beak detail front view

Floppy Leg Love

I went to the extreme with the felt rooster above with the legs by fashioning them from floral wires.

Here, to remain cuddly, I made straight skinny tubes as legs, and then reluctantly made the paw shaped feet.

There was no other way I could think of to depict the iconic shape of chicken feet.

rooster doll legs

Meet Roy

Here he is. Half assembled.

rooster doll wip waiting to attach details rooster plush looks a little shocked doesn't he

He looks maniacal, does he not?

I like him already, and he is not even finished.

We’re gonna be great friends.


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