The case for postcards

a group of mighty girl dolls conferring

So it’s decided.

I’m gonna impose myself upon those who have touched my life. Albeit remotely.

Send something personal but not precious

As mentioned in this post, I’m gonna send my friend something she can hold in her hands. Something simple, and straight forward. Quick and easy, unlike my dolls which can get a little vulnerable and therefore overly precious.

My pocket dolls have never been shipped without a personalized note. The message is often what I find exciting and dreadful at the same time.

Vulnerability keeps us real

blue hair pocket girl doll with turquoise striped alien cat

Putting words on paper is a really vulnerable experience. Crossing out words is not the same as hitting the delete key. Words that are born on a letter , from the slip of the pen, can never be retracted. I am then forced to own up and perhaps defend emotions against the invasion of my mind.

This vulnerability is what I hope builds a bridge between the time zones and miles between my friend and I.

The cambridge dictionary defines efficiency as “a situation in which a person, company, factory, etc. uses resources such as time, materials, or labour well, without wasting any.”

I’m obsessed with efficiency

Elementary school was fun because I got to categorise animals, visualise math problems with graphs and models. Everything makes sense.

Cooking is fun because I get to devise the better shape and size to cut vegetables into. More fun (and suitably tiring) still, is when I coo multi courses for my friends, cutting a mountain of onions before splitting the portions intuitively for each dish.

My problem with envelopes

Envelopes usually goes into the recycling bin after the return address is keyed into the phone. But a crappy one is disrespect.

By the way, I make tiny notecards to giveaway with dolls purchased. In the beginning, there were handmade tiny A7 envelopes too. They take me so long to cut, and fold, and paste, and repeat, I’d rather draw 10 more cards.

That, I call efficiency.


It’s light, you can write or draw whatever. Pile 10 pages. But it feels too secretive, and also needs an envelope. Out it goes.

Greeting card

Once upon a time, the highlight of Christmas for me, was the excuse to choose bundles of greeting cards. Rather than the funnies, I prefer artwork, modern or classic. I imagine how lovely it is to help a friend adorn a work desk.

Aerogramme – Envelope & letter in one

I’ve checked an aerogramme refers specifically to a piece of paper issued by the local post office, with a stamp-like print.

Cheap postage they may be (and cheapest in ratio- the number of words you can squeeze : postage rate).

But. No, that won’t do, I want it with my own prints, and stamps! Postal stamp is the big deal. Who, as a child, hasn’t been obsessed with the wriggly bordered tiny art?

The winner


There will be no envelop to throw away, or to make in the first place.

Even with the thinnest pen I have, there is a severe limit on the number of words I can pack onto half of one side of an A6 size postcard.

It will force me to be concise. Lucky me, haven’t I had enough practise with my one-liners on instagram?

What draws me to postcards

Efficiency, my obsession is fulfilled. Besides the economy of materials, and the labour required in making them, the openness of a postcard sets it apart from other forms of traditional correspondences.

Accidental extroversion

Since my 20th (or so) handmade doll, my noisybeak mail packaging has changed from the printed calligraphy logo to a random hand drawn “bookplate” style mailing label.

The staff at the post office often smile while handling the package I send. I’ve even heard them discussing what animal is drawn on it.

My initial self consciousness turns into anticipation. I look forward to learn that I’m lighting up, if only for minute of a person’s day.

The message and the artwork is exposed to everyone whose path the postcard crosses. Somehow it will nudge a smile or perhaps causes a ripple of openness in everyone it brushes pass.

Stamps arrived

I ordered some special edition postage stamps through the Singpost website. They are of the lowest denomination possible, so I can use 2 instead of 1 stamp. Stamps, like artwork, the more the merrier. Aren’t they cute?


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