Trio of poseable art dolls WIP

handmade upcycled poseable art dolls wip, panda without ears

Tried several new ideas in these 3 small art dolls. In this post, I will share what’s been going on with them.

Moving on from my last random attempt at embroidering a face, I proceeded to put them on some stuffed animals.

New approach?

How is this different from my usual handmade upcycled dolls?

Not much in the outcome, actually.

But, perhaps different in approach.

handmade upcycled poseable doll trio of trouble

Usually, I would think of the shape of the head first. Then, I find a way to express the emotions, whether by hand embroidery, or sometimes by the addition of felt eyes.

Embroidery eyes first

This time, however, the embroidery eyes comes first. Everything starts with a sketch of some face. Only then, did I find the best shape to fit the already designed features.

New armature shape & material

I wanted them to be poseable.

Following my attempt at making a tiny human action figure-like doll, and a larger size twisty panda, again, I added wires to the dolls.

This time, I used PVC covered wire, in 1.6 and 0.9 mm, different wires, and made into differently shapes armatures.

handmade upcycled doll inserting armature

For the blue water buffalo doll, I even added wires to the horns.

handmade upcycled poseable doll, adding wire to the horns for buffalo

What about hand stitching

They are made almost entirely of hand stitches, even the bodies. Very unusual practise for me.

I guess I want to see if I can make these crafts truly portable. I want to be able to continue with the crafts, and well as my travelling. I don’t see why they should be a contradiction.

Hand stitching the entire doll is definitely possible. (After all, I’ve had experience hand stitching a silk chiffon gown by hand!)

Except, I still need to find a solution for cutting the fabric.

What would be a good substitute for good sharp fabric scissors, that is carry-on safe.

handmade upcycled poseable doll, hand stitched doll

handmade upcycled poseable doll back of head

This time I didn’t sew in the ears. I wanted something different, that shows the fluffy quality of the panda ears, without using fluffy fake-fur-type of fabric.

handmade upcycled poseable doll, panda face, hand embroidery

Inspiration struck, and I sewed some words on their bellies.

handmade upcycled poseable doll, embroidery face and body quote

Still trudging through the hand stitching of the small art doll.

handmade upcycled poseable doll, before turning inside out

I’ve been sharing snippets of my process on instagram since finally getting an account recently.

This guy won’t tell me what he is! Please help figure⁉️Appreciate suggestions from this world and beyond☄️

A video posted by Marn Wong // Art Toys (@noisybeak) on

handmade upcycled poseable doll, panda without ears

What’s next?

In these 3 small poseable art dolls, I’ve tried several new moves. The results, as usual, surprises me.

This is the beauty of the art process.

You never quite know what you’re gonna get. You will always get more than you asked for, and won’t know until much later.


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