Goldfish Runa

She was pale and limp.

She wasn’t sure if she’d ever be beautiful by popular opinion.

She sat patiently on my desk. She watches caterpillar chews lime leaves, memorised spider’s jumping track, and learnt the meaning of mynah birds’ squawks.

One day when the wind was still and nothing much was happening, she looked at herself and realised she’s now bright and colourful.

She is Runa.

See a video of Runa below.

goldfish textile artist doll held in a hand, handstitched in bright colorful upcycled fabric

Tammy the goldfish

I made it the way I remember gold fishes from my grandfather’s place—bright ping pong balls bobbing up and down in the water.

I joined the colourful remnants to form a soft yet solid ball, and on it I planted tiny wire protrusions.

Her fins are small relative her body, to friends her age, or any fish that survives the wild.

So, she paddles harder, faster.

She doesn’t stop.

I call her Tammy.