Mighty girl Hannah

Hannah wanted a different life. She moved onto land. Sometimes she gets so tired she can’t walk, she goes to the beach to hear the familiar music of home.

Mighty girl Bobbi

Into this world, against her will, she was born. Bobbi tumbled and fell, got up and walked, with others on the same path.

Mighty girl Jacki

Into this world, against her will, she was born. Jacki feels the fire. She burns it for fuel, kindling spirits.

Mighty girl Wilma

Into this world, against her will, she was born. Her 360° vision is too wide to be framed in. Wilma does not see left or right but everything becomes this whole world.

Mighty girl Anya

Anya dreams to wake and wakes to dream. She weaves dreams with reality. She chooses a new world.

Maddie Mighty Girl – be kind

Mighty Girls watch the world on fire, and burn inside. Maddie isn’t Maddie because she’s mad. Maddie is mad about the mad mad world.

Tasha Mighty Girl – compassion

The world burns, Mighty Girls feel the fire. As sensitive to impending storm as she is to the pulse of a fly, Tasha is unwell. She slapped a slogan to stop her heart from bleeding.


“My independent mind is ready for the puzzling truth.”

Black white and red. All the colours on her.

I stuffed her head with more and more and more. The thick ribbed cotton that holds her head together stretched thin, revealing every bump under her skin. The black form enjoys the company of a bright neutral red with white paisley. To the end of the slender red arms, is an open palm on the left and a fist on the right. Asking questions, questioning questions that’s only a glimpse of a days works.

Her name is Amy.