Butterfly Anthony & piglet Pegasus

Pegasus says to Anthony, I’ll be your flower Anthony. Anthony days to Pegasus, I’ll be you’re wings Pegasus.

On the moon, there is a butterfly with a flower and a pig with wings.

front view of a happy piglet plushie with wings from tropical print reclaimed fabric

Squeezely the piglet

I love the balance of the tint and saturation of this found fabric (from old babies’ dress), it would translate well into a spotted fur pattern like some of the most adorable piglets.

Squeezely is so affectionately named, because he loves nothing more than to be squeezed, but not too hard. If you listen close enough, you may hear him oink in ecstasy.

The result is a textile piglet with an oversized head, ears and limbs, which is, most of the time, all I see of an animal.

Finished off with my typical wild stitching that makes up the happy eyes and a mischievous smile.