Postcards from Pugslee

” Hi Marn!

We just got home from visiting the grandkids in Alaska. Pugslee went with us, but unfortunately he was confined to his room must of the time.

I knew he stole socks… what I didn’t know was that he stole almost everything!!!!!

We caught him in the raspberry bushes and told him those were for human consumption only. He paid no attention. The next time we caught him I took pictures. Too bad for him that he fell into the bush! He refused to let me take a picture of the thorn holes in his butt! Serves him right!

I don’t know how I am going to train him, but I now realize it will not be easy!! Wish me luck! Hugs, Brenda

PS: his bum is healing very well! :-} “

” He had lots of fun. He made friends with a HUGE bear named Humphrey. He caught a ride on a leather pig. He also tried very hard to get into the little box of chocolates waiting for us in the guest house! He did not succeed! “


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