A deep skintone doll wearing a skeptic slogan t shirt looks at the camera with a head tilt.

In my hands was a small piece of ribbed cotton jersey. It has incredible stretch, when I stretched it enough, it was almost translucent betweeen ribbed, but shows no sign of breaking. A strong and flexible material fit for making a head-strong character.

Amy sits comfortably waiting for a show, any show, any event is a show, to which she will apply her critical thinking skills.

Evening news is her favourite show to hate. She loathes the absurdity of the reality we live in. A small dose of groundless fantasy reading on the weekend seems to keep her sanity in check.

Bright eyes, bright mind, that’s who I wanted her to be. Leotard in red makes sense, she needs a bold colour to match her straightforwardness. Low maintenance yet graphic curly pompadour hair suits her just fine.