Gordon the hammerhead says Hi
Gordon trying his best in looking assertive.

If Gordon looks a little hesitant, it’s because he is. Never quite sure if there is a right or wrong, quite true to his skin colour, his world is always grey.

The very first noisybeak hammerhead, Harry, sits with me on the sofa every day, good tv or bad tv.

My good ol’ Harry is looking a little tattered, and very stained now, yet so much better than when I first met (made) him. Because love can really transform a person, and hammerhead, and everything.

hammerhead shark textile art doll front and back view
Blue stain on his belly. Back and fins made of mended scraps.

The smallest scraps were pieced together with visible stitches. Some awkward shapes gave away, and I mended it as I went along.

Gordon, while freshly made, looks scruffy, loved and ready for love. Good catch, I’d say.